To Mango Tree

Mango Tree of the Web Poetry Corner has not been well of late
And for the poet our greatest wish is that 'you hang in there mate'
The Web Poetry Corner needs you such great beauty you create
You write such marvellous poetry and with the best you rate.

With his pen he weaves his magic the poet of Byron Bay
And it is always good to read what Joel has to say
Let us hope he cheats the Reaper and a long life he'll enjoy
As for his verse 'twill live forever that part of him won't die.

His real name Joel Olinger remember this man's name
His poems will long outlive him that's a true test of fame
So much truth in his poetry he stands for what is right
And words the only weapon with which we ought to fight.

By his own words he has not been feeling well the poet Mango Tree
But one can only hope for him that he makes a full recovery
From the illness that afflicts him hope his health is not beyond repair
For we need the wisdom of his truths and people like him rare.

by Francis Duggan

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