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To Many Tears....
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

To Many Tears....

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Falling like rain drops, sliding down our face.
To many tear drops to wash away and erase.
Always they linger leaving a shadow of hurt & pain.
Wondering if life will ever be the same.

Wishing as they fall that you hurt no more,
And knowing in your heart you have done this before.

To many tears to count and waste,
To many maybe's to look back and erase.
Always a question in our minds eye,
Always regret that love was not on our side.

Will heartache be our enemy and love always the prize.
Will teardrops be all that are left when love pushes you aside.
Will he one day say I am sorry and I hate myself for this?
Will she say I never meant to hurt you and I have to call it quits?

Love has no choice be it man or girl,
When love is done tears are usually par for the course.

And, in the distance we see a horizon that at the moment seems fleeting but there.
When love reaches to our hearts and reminds us it's still there.

To many tears are long forgotten,
To many tears are in the past.
Till one day they become nothing and happiness is home at last.

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