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To Miss Lady Dyana
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To Miss Lady Dyana

Poem By Renee Blackwell

The worst mistake you made was give your heart to a man
Retrieve it in a hurry and let it rest in gods hands
Let go of that man with a broken mind frame for continuing on a struggle alone is too much of a fight so who’s to blame
Take those that love you unconditionally and look to rise to new heights

Why settle for less when god promised you more?
Why settle for a man that beats you down once and then even more?
Apologizes and accomplishes the same deal once again.
Promises to love you and be your friend
Then beats you down once and once again
There are many women who wish to have a mind frame like yours
There are many men that’ll step to the plate and be a man and a father to yours.
Cause the one you call your husband has yet to achieve either
Got you questioning what is the reason for believing is?

Be that strong beautiful person you were before there was him
Be that strong young woman that cares for herself and then
Let it go and believe that you deserve to be happy
Let it go and finish this race strong and gladly
Your children are growing up nicely for you’ve done your part
That man that’s out there does nothing but create barriers to stop you
And thinks it’s your job to climb over them to get to your dreams so you’ll dropp them
For his dreams are long gone and have deceased

So go on your way and let him go his
For left and right you’ll never sway
You know what you want I life and you know how to get it
Continuing on a path with a broken marriage you’ll never own it
Mold your children tell them you care
Continue to show them you’ll always be there

Patience is a virtue and you’ve shown it dealing with him
So don’t blow your mind thinking about what was then
And look ahead in life for a new beginning

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