A Lovers Summer

As summer vanished, along with you
I walked the path, we once shared,
Chasing dreams from years gone by,
Yet knowing now, they were just too few.

I reached the cabin and sat on the porch,
Wings spread wide, like birds we flew,
You went east and I flew west,
Together knowing, we could not go forth,

The Hedges swayed lightly
From a cool northern breeze,
We both parted, like the summer season,
Like leaves from the trees, yet so intently

As the sun set, such a beautiful sight,
Just like the day, when we first met,
A picture so vivid, I shall never forget,
Yet, together we chose loneliness, beginning tonight.

A season called summer, The fun time of the year,
Yet, the heart is heavy and filled with pain,
One to forget, but shall we ever,
My heart fills with you, my sweet dear.

by B.J. Ayers

Comments (3)

Incredible - closest thing in English Literature to a Charlie Parker solo!
Incredible poem - I first read it and learned it by heart over fifty years ago when I was a schoolboy. Rhythmically it is the closest thing in English literature to a Charlie Parker solo!
For no comment was put to screen.... For a poem so well serene. Hypnotyzing to seen naked eye... Scanned left to right and by the by. Poem t'was good as greatest fared... Thought well put to meaning well cared. A great writ this lit... As by an inspiring bug was thy bit. Great poem-I gave it a tenner. God blesss all poets-MJG.