To Ms. Congeniality

Poem By John Hazon Palen

You're still young, bright, innocent
He's unworthy, liar, impenitent
You cry without argument
though hurts to you went

Like a penny in the rain you've been
Out from his pocket you're sent
You gave love like extra change
But all it gave back was pain

Optimism really goes blind sometimes..
But you're right keeping that beauty inside
Seeing you though angels never arrived,
Committing peace does make one shine.

(This poem of mine is all about for my dear elder sister who happened to find guys with attitudes so mean and then left her. I want to encourage her thru this poem to get over 'em and go on living! Yeah! ! !)

Comments about To Ms. Congeniality

i no what this means.....all my life ive picked men like my dad that are abusive and mean and that are bullys and dont treat me right...for some reason ive been drawn to them.... its not that i want to be abused i actually hate it but im scared of loving somone that would love me back cuz im so use to being hated and treated with hate by men... the unknown is scary... for the first time in my life i want a good man a man that will treat me right and that will respect me and love me and cherish me. thx for letting me read ur poem its amazing.

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