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To My Adorable Father

Holding my fingers he taught me to walk.
Held me firmly when i stumbled a rock.

One who remained by my side as a guide forever.
Close to my heart i hold him dear.

My desires and wishes remained unfulfilled never.
Showered on me his affection, with every passing year.

Thought he never for his happiness own.
His words to me ever perfect path has shown.

Lovely his caress made me sleep sound.
Such loving heart on earth i have never found.

When things went wrong & time became tough.
He taught me to fight & also made me laugh.

Every tears of mine made him cry.
'You will never fail my child, just give it a try'.

These magical words worked as miracle.
Gave me the strength in every situation to tackle.

I was his princess since the days of childhood.
He will be my hero, through out my livelihood.

Without him i may not imagine to survive.
I do beg you almighty for his long healthy life.

Words may fail to express his love for me.
I thank you god for this wonderful gift of thee.

I found a best friend always worthy and near.
Within my beloved and darling father.

by Sonali Ganguly

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awesome one dedicated to father
Nice dedication to a loving and caring father. Awesome poem, Sona, Liked it.10++ Every word is filled with true emotions.....
lovely poem; I share your emotions. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work...
A father can only understand the depth of love for his daughter.......what a lovely expression by you..
wonderfully expressed the love of a child to his/her father excellent writing with heart touching thoughts. keep it up.
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