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To My Baby
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

To My Baby

I didn't know that you were there
Til it was too late, all I felt was despair.
The pain was shocking, my temperature high
I must have blacked out as I thought I would die.

The doctors told me there once was a baby
They must be mistaken, the whol world's gone crazy!
You're dad I'm sorry is nothing but abusive scum
But had you survived, I would have been the best mum.

I never got to hold you close, hear you cry.....
Or say good-bye.
Maybe it really was for the best
That you had to die and be put to rest.

I know that I was only yound
But if you'd been born, I'd cope - I'm not dumb!
I feel so drained and almost empty
That when you left, you took a big part of me.

I don't know if you were a girl or a boy
But I'm sure either way, would have filled me with joy.
I'm sorry my body rejected you, it was all out of my control
You weren't there for very long, but I believe you still had a soul.

Good-night my Sweet Angel
We shall be re-united one day I promsie. You are always in my thoughts and heart wherever I go. Love you always Mummy xxx

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Rudyard Kipling


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