KH (October 11,1988 / West Allis, Wisconsin)

To My Best Friend Brad... From Years Ago...

To touch you is impossible,
I hope you understand,
I was so scared, but now regret,
That I didn’t take your hand.
To spend around you so much time,
And know that you’re not mine,
It’s like the world is crushing me,
And nothing can be fine.
I had so many chances,
To tell you how I feel,
But I was scared of what you’d say,
Didn’t know if it’s real.
I miss you when you’re not around,
Even just a day.
It breaks my heart to see you go,
I really wish you’d stay.
But we both know that cannot be,
We can’t be together,
But even so, remember this,
I’ll be with you forever.
I love you more that life itself,
More than words can tell,
I will love you no matter what,
Without you my life is hell.

by Kim Hooten

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I rated this a ten. I like the artwork. It reminds me of the one I love. I hope to find her again.