To My Brother Frank

I had a dear brother Frank,
and for his birth the Lord I thank.
Everyone knows he has done good deeds
For his family he has met their needs.
In school he taught for many years
Both girls and boys were full of tears
When time had come for him to end
His life long work, which helped to send
Them on their way to a new career,
Which gave them pride and Mums a cheer.
But all those children did not forget
That man, who with patience set
Them tasks both hard and tedious,
And never showed how much he needed us.
His family loved him very much,
And every day, he wanted to be in touch
With all his friends so good and true,
Who gave him strength to meet each day new.
But as his life began to cease.
He went to God to rest in peace.

by Kathleen M. Kyriacou

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