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To My Dad

As a child I loved you
Feared you
Revered you
Felt safe hand in hand
When we walked in a crowd

Through teenage years I loved you
Though I fought you
And hurt you
Feel regret in my heart
And wish we’d never rowed

As I grew up I loved you
Could confide in you
Relied on you
Felt glad of your wisdom
Upon me bestowed

Through all my life I’ll love you
I’ll miss you
I thank you
For all that you’ve given me
In our short time allowed

by tru lee

Comments (2)

all that came to my mind was awwww...and how wonderful ur poem is...well done....
very sweet. i am really close to my dad and this touches me, i hope that my dad and i can be close as i get older - like you and your father are. i'm sorry for your loss. good luck: ]