To My Daughter

Thou changed my life, the moment thou hold my finger with thy little hand. While in infant sleep, how did thou understand? No worries, so peaceful, wrapped up in softness, like a fairy, spreading joy with thy magical wand. Seemed so unreal, yet real, Ah! you poor little thing 'charm'. Thy bubbly cheeks, as I flicked; jello of jolliness ticked. Thy wondering eyes, wobbling in surprise; and suddenly closed, seemed gone in deep analyze.
A kiss on thy forehead, enjoy heaven of dreams my rosebud. I might not be there sometimes. But I'll always come back. Thou shalt always have unconditional love of thy dad.

by Abhinav Maurya

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Wonderful poem like the wonderful li'l daughter in the arms of her proud father. Thanks, Abhinav.