Some matters are so meticulously researched
Experimentally and rationally investigated
As to fully explain, to the extent of our capacity
Logical and rational thought tries to prove itself wrong
Corroboration of results confirms findings
Yet proselytized indoctrinations subconsciously annul
Preconceptions override lying eyes
Belief refuses proof
Evidence is annoying
Denial is comforting
I agree that some things leave a miniscule prospect
An unknown or unknowable possibility
All but certainty
But even in our infant reality
Most issues can be cogently verified, resolved
Sincere introspection is the start

by Kelly Kurt

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waw worth a a VIRTUOUS women what a glorious poem for your lovely husband. I love this.
That's coolšŸ˜ŽHapppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
That's coolšŸ˜ŽHapppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
pinto y u cn't love all of it and everytime I write a fuking comment u reporting It well I give u something to report
VERY nice poem I felt to cry
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