EM (13/06/1990 / )

To My Dear Beloved

The alcohol doesn’t heal it
It only seems to conceal it
And my aphrodisiac doesn’t work

For when I’ve sat and cried
And always tried to hide
Realising that when you hit you hurt

But nothing will erase it
No heart will ever save it
Our relationship hit the floor with a thud

And trying to carry on
When all feelings have gone
Will be like trying to run through mud

So safely I will say
Let’s not spend another day
Pretending that we really get on

My heart is blackened to you
My words will never be true
And everything I felt has gone

I know you detest me
That much I can see
Through the bruises that rest on my face

This is where I’ll end it
Our relationship is shit
And in my heart you have lost your place

Goodbye. I want you to know
That once I loved you so
And I guess I’ll love you again

Although we’ll never talk
And I’ll avoid you when I walk
I am truly sorry If I ever caused you pain.

by Emily Moore

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