To My Dear Children.

This Book by Any yet vnread,
I leaue for yov when I am dead,
That, being gone, here yov may find
What was your liueing mother's mind.
Make vse of what I leaue in Loue
And God shall blesse yov from above.

by Anne Bradstreet

Comments (4)

It is a brilliant poem i have ever read. Пускай оно напомнить нам о наших матерей
i hate this poem is like she is just doing it for the fame and this was my homework yup i a kid mom always hate us and dont give us are phones xbox anything they want studies all times we are not robots this people who commented are lyieng moms do change this thing make no sense so she knew she will be famous good thing she was not rich always depressed lol bye
Mothers do not change one whit through the centuries, bless our loving hearts.
A beautifully conceived portrayal of a mother's pure and intense love for her children. Thanks for sharing it here.