To My Dear Son

Why can’t you see that I care?
He says “you don’t care about me”.
I hurt so and I’m crying inside
when you ignore my every plea.
Don’t you know son, the trials
You put me through and then
My enemy has put blinders on
And to him you bow and bend.
My sweet son, you are so cruel.
You don’t’ even share your heart.

You get angry with the worthless,
The insignificant, you’re not smart.
Why keep on making us miserable?
You’ve chosen things that destroy.
The world can’t ever satisfy you.
Life was meant for you to enjoy.
You can’t see the light. It’s so far.
You choose to lie with the impure.
God has plans for you my son.
You can know them and be sure.

by Kathryn Tyler King

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