To My Dearest Sister

To my dearest sister
Thou has a lot to learn.
So listen while I tell thee
What brings me much concern.

Always sit up properly,
Thou shalt never slouch,
Even in the comfiest chair,
Never treat it like a couch.

Thou must learn to respect thy elders,
Only speak when spoken to,
Be polite, use formal words,
And curtsy when you do.

That’s right, lets fix that curtsy up,
Hold skirt up in your palm.
One foot in front, and bend your knees,
Remember to keep calm.

I hope your listening darling one,
We still have much to go.
A man respects a lady
Who is quiet and can sow.

Thou may be young but that’s no excuse,
All this must be learnt now,
For when it’s time and you are ready,
Thou shalt know how to treat a bow.

Thy hardest and most tedious task
Is to eat at thy guests table.
Do not burp, talk or make noise at all,
That is more than some are able.

To place one before the other
In itself is tough,
But to walk as ladies will
You will learn can be quite rough.

I pray you, please do not lose faith,
For when it is your turn,
The greatest lesson, I cannot teach,
Is just to love and be loved in return.

by Brooke Rose

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Heehee I should show this to my sister! That's great, really. You have a real gift for rhyme.....have I already said that? What about that poem about the cat you read me? It was awesome. xx