To My Elder Son (Deliverance)

Poem By Valsa George

The spring dawned after the biting chill,
Beams of sunlight filtered down,
Flakes of snow melted away,
And the whole world bathed in brilliant glow.

He came,
The dainty Darling of our dreams!
With promises full and hopes in store,
To fill the void,
within our souls.
To burst the silence,
with clatter of sounds.
To dispel the gloom,
that hovered on.

High from Heaven,
like a cherubim sent,
with the glow of umpteen candles lit,
He came,
To gladden our doleful hearts,
To deliver us of our blighted state.

He came,
Like the first rain on parched ground,
To drench the arid lands in splendid shower,
To ease the prick of sweltering heat,
And to put out the fire of growing drought.

Marvelling over the seizure of treasure,
Long hidden within the crevices dark,
We stood, so pleasantly taken aback,
Over the gift, ere vouched, but long delayed.

Like an eagle in its aerial route,
Flew my spirits in ecstatic rounds.
Like the Swallow, soaring high above,
My fancy took wings and set to fly.

He lay close to me, the bundle of joy!
His dark little eyes poised on my face,
Full with words on silent lips,
And wonder glistening his naive visage.

I peered into that cute little face,
The face I had long fondled in my dreams,
I whirled in the feel of prime feed,
And swam in the glory of maternal bliss!

Comments about To My Elder Son (Deliverance)

I peered into that cute little face, The face I had long fondled in my dreams, I whirled in the feel of prime feed, And swam in the glory of maternal bliss! ........outstanding conceptualization. A beautiful poem is brilliantly shared.10
Maternal bliss is beautifully described within the framework of nature. Ourmain reason for being as humans is to reproduce, or to play our part in society to benefit those that do. We are part of the whole from the first humans to the last.++10
I have two sons, Valsa, and the older of the two, now forty, is more distant in feeling from us than we'd like. Some of this has to do with mistakes in raising him we realize now and for which we've apologized. We meant well, but had bad models. Your poem reminds me of what I know and what I'm convinced what must be lodged somewhere in his heart- we loved him- imperfectly, but we loved him. -Glen
the beautiful poem.
Every word overflows with maternal love and longing as sweet as drops of nectar. The precious moment that anyone cherishes that their newborns bring with them is so well presented in this poem. Loved and enjoyed it.

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