DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

To My Ex-Lady That Married My Enemy's Friend

When you meant to show me love,
my eyes wore a glove
the glove of lust
the lust of dust.
I lied with my tears
and faked my fears.

When you asked for a chance
I talked you into a trance
the trance of denial
the denial of betrayal.
I left you hurt and began
on the path to be a pagan.

When you confessed your passion
I scoffed your confession
the confession of devotement
the devotement of commitment.
I jested your weakness
and poisoned your pureness.

When you brought me a rose
'twas my libido that rose
it rose for your dishy milk-skins
that looked like new girl-twins.
I thought of your body as fruity
and stretched my eyes to grab your booty.

Then suddenly you stopped to call
when my heart had begun to fall
the fall of genuine loveliness
the loveliness of unswerving trueness.
I searched the route to your gate
like a fugitive that's lost his fate.

I was famished for your presence
and imprisoned by your absence
the absence of your freedom
the freedom without boredom.
Insanity rampaged my head
like a wanderer that has no bed.

I was confined into my room
in the custody of doom
the doom of calamity
the calamity that revealed my nudity.
I prayed in your name to your heart
but was still pierced by sorrow's dart.

Save me from this prison
my consciousness is now risen
risen from my lustful sleep
lustful sleep that made you weep.
Forgive my heart of stone
and set me upon your throne.

Wear me the crown of your love
I've casted off my glove
the glove of lust
the lust of dust.
I've been flogged by my fears
and I shed genuine tears.

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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