Please Vote Wisely

President Obama...
How do you hope to restore the confidence lost,
By millions of Americans who have...

'Excuse me. Excuse me...
He has not won.
We are still campaigning for that office! '

You are so correct, er...uh...Senator McCain.
You will be given the opportunity to respond...
To that very same question.

Forgive the interruption, President Obama.

'There you go again!
He has not won anything.
I have more experience and I am the war hero.'

Indeed! Correct you are...
Mister? McCline.

'McCain! '

It's going to be alright.
You have the respect of the people.
Even those assigned to do maintenance,
Around the Lincoln Memorial
Are familiar with your presence in D.C.~

'Don't patronize me like you did Joe The Plummer.
And all he wanted to do,
Was to be in a position to expand his company.
Hire more decent and wholesome Americans.
But no.
He wont be able to do that.
Because you are going to raise his taxes! '

*And I know a socialist when I see one!
Even though I did take the oil revenue,
And spread those earnings among the people of Alaska.
I didn't have to wear these new clothes.
It's like the lights.
Like this stage.
Like every speech I've been forced to recite...
Was provided by the RNC.
I purchase my own clothes from the consignment store,
In Anchorage...
You betcha! *

'Sarah? '

*Shut up!
I am more popular than you are!
When I flap those pancakes from my kitchen,
I can see Russia...
Right from my window!
AFTER I come from a good Moose hunt.*

Ladies and gentlemen...
We have run out of time!
As you see,
One of these candidates know what those issues are!
That affect your immediate concerns.
We here at BUTV will remain nonbiased,
As we approach the coming elections.
You have a choice to make.
Please vote wisely!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

death was so shocking, when unannounced it came, never will I see the face, so beloved and so dear, the eyes, that lit up smilingly, when any of of us was near, Had I sat by your side, held your hand and bid farewell, I console myself thatyou are now, This poem makes me to some old memoirs....not of a sunshine, the glim face and dim light of real life, forgotten love of a old father, he is mine, he is more than a Godly
I agree with Chandan, i just logged in and its a pleasure to read such a emotional poem. Great work! Preets
I was waiting to read something very nice.... I was reading every new poem popping up in the Homepage of PHdotcom.... Then up comes this one loaded with so much of respect and love for your father. I loved the way it is descriptive about your feelings.... TRULY... a good piece. A Good Read.