To My Flower

</>Love Was In Front of My Eyes
Flowers blooming life across this plane of time
Only one has taken root upon the flesh of my heart
The shade of her petals illuminates my world
As I wonder how her existence could change my destiny
In a world where I have grown tired to live fully

I now wish to live completely with the glow of my passion
I wish to bring her euphoria of modest nature If allowed
As the birds chirp my dreams into reality
Dreams that have been so long forgotten
Only to rise up from the river bottom and now bathing in the sun

Love flows through my veins
Crisp air leaves me breathless
Giving a high conceiving emotions that I cannot secure
Sweet yearning, hoping, and inducing moments
I awaken to a detail of this harmonious being
Rejuvenating a song in my mind waiting for this blessing

To which I will one day serenade to her if fate rings true
For it is my unconscious love for the one
I have been searching for
The minuscule vibrations of love
Empower me to be strong
For when we will be united

Like a beast who never knew of this elegant blossom
I cannot escape her charismatic scent
It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder
If so then this heart has no more room to grow
As since the beginning of time
I have pondered of the meaning of love
Looking for love in all the wrong places

When it was all a dream
Waiting to be realized by the dreamer
However possible I hope she slowly feels the same
For the pain of separation is not one I wish her to bear
So for now I will gaze at the moon

Know her eyes have visited that same glow
We may be on opposite sides
But I have not felt such a root as this
She loves me not? She loves me?
To the woman of my dreams
I never could have believed
Love was in my heart

by Anthony Han

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