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To My Friends
KH (march 6,1990 / )

To My Friends

Poem By Katie Huntress

You’re their for me when I need someone to talk to,
Your someone I can trust with all my heart,
You can tell when I am having a bad day,
If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be.

I probably wouldn’t be here,
You have saved me from things that are bad,
I thank you so much,
You don’t even know.

You’re a friend that I care for,
A friend I don’t want to ever lose,
I will always be their for u,
Through thick and thin,
Through night and day,
You can always count on me.

I just want to thank you,
Thank you for bein their for me,
Thank you for yelling at me when I was going to do something stupid,
Thank you.

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Comments (2)

Katie, It's nice that you have such wonderful friends....I hope they're always there for you. Sincerely, Mary
Straight from the heart. You have some lucky friends, Kate. I liked the open simplicity of the poem, and it suggested it should be a song. I think this would be good set to music. Some typos on lines 1 and 2 though.