To My Grandchildren

Often when I can't sleep, I sit up on my bed
Thoughts of all of you rush through my head.
There are many nights I've spent like this,
With the thirteen of you everyday that I miss.
It's 3:30 am as pictures and thoughts go through
My mind, the lives of everyone of you.
I live here with four that I really love,
But I love all of you, I swear, by my God above.
You've all given me great reason for life to go on,
You've all turned my last 20 years into song.
Sometimes as I sit here I hear the sound
Of voices of many boys and girls playing around.
Some of you are now very much grown
One of you even already lives out on his own.
I sit here awake on top my bedspread
While I pray that you're all home safely between your sheets,
While Grandmom hopes all of your dreams are treats.
Some of you tell me you don't think I care
Yet each night in my prayers, you always are there.
For once I thought after your parents were grown-
I'd have no reason for my life to go on.
For to watch you all grow is something they share.
Tonight I want to tell you just how much I care.
I do love you all with each beat of my heart
Even as days pass quickly and we are apart.
I pray for the next time we embrace,
And know that seeing me brings a smile to your face.
Some of you sometimes think it's not right,
That I love only four, well let me tell you tonight
These four share my grouchiness and all the rest,
While you are the luckiest, you see only my best.
Here I'm at home and here I'll grow old,
But your spot in my heart will never grow cold.
I love "ALL" of you with my soul and my heart-
So remember all this while we are apart! "Love Forever to All '17' of You" — Grandmom

by Judith S. Mertz

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