To My Heart

The song of heart no 5

- Come to my heart-

I have built a house out of flower,
an alter to be 'the Love' in its idol.
I broke all the images that art built in thy
The worshipper is dropped and oneness is felt.
Heart is the temple and Love is the embodiment.
Come to this citadel, o my beloved the great,
I am waiting in this painful indolence.

Eternity is a single drop of ocean and I contain it in the deepest root of my rootless substratum.
Fragrance is heavenly and pelagic around the harborage of my being.
Love is God and thou art my formless is-ness.
Thy gift is enormous and I am wingless
to fly with such wideness.
Thou art there in my inmost self and covering is dropped for thy wakefulness.
Come o my master to my heart and Hermitage
Will be my self for thy prime presence.

by Prabir Gayen

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