To My Love

The pain I feel is never ending.
I want so badly for things to go back to normal.
As each day goes by,
I fear you will move on and forget me.
So I want to keep you close still.
How can you do it?
We used to talk and see eachother daily,
it was almost routine, but in a good way.
And now it has come to this.
You tell me I should move on,
Its not that easy, and I don't want that.
This all feels like one big nightmare....
What happened to us?
Me and you, we were the couple people wanted to be...
I believed and still do believe that you are my true love,
and you once told me the same.
So hopefully in a couple weeks or months,
we can be that couple once again.
And I will stay true to you,
I will wait for that day, where I get to kiss you once again
and I will be the luckiest girl in the world,
because I will be with you, and cherish all your love.
Oh, how I will wait for that day to have your loving arms around me
and we would both know we would love eachother unconditionally.
So please don't tell me to get over you, because I don't want to.
I love you, and nothing can change that.
So for now I will just be sitting here waiting for you.

by Kathryn Rejdych

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