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To My Love
CT (July 13,1993 / Missoula, Montana)

To My Love

Tonight I cry
For I have let my heart loose
And trusted it into the hands of a man

I have fallen in love
And have not guarded my heart

I have let my heart loose
And do not know how to control my feelings
Nor do I know if I can get them back

I have trusted him with everything
He has not broken my trust
But can I trust him with the most important thing?
Will he break it?

Love is giving your heart
And trusting that they will not break it

I have done that

Will I regret it?
I hope not
For I have fallen in love
And only time can tell
If it will hurt me or not

Dillon you have my heart
For yours to do whatever
What will you do with it?
Please don't break it

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