To My Love.

The starlight in your eye that never graced a night sky
Saved with a candlelight for i
Your touch, softer than gossamer wing
Like softest breeze caressing sunlit meadow
Yet the world could offer no finer thing
Than the sensuous tremble that you bring
The summer rain, the snowflakes' kiss
Will never feel as good as this.

When meaningful words are of no matter
you soothe and heal while others chatter.
And then the rush of bird in flight
Or shooting star in darkest night.
That aura of a Christmas choir
Flaming dreams of an open fire
The inner joy of romantic fate
Fall short of love we consummate.
Your laughter lifts me like the dawn
The childhood mirth that is reborn
Takes all my cares to fly away
And blues and greens replace the grey.
The beauty of our lives at last
Are gone now fate its line has cast.
I pray together we will always be
I need you at the side of me
To walk with you by moonlit shore
To hear you knocking at my door.
To see you in eternity,
Bathe in the joy you bring to me
To give you love unknown before
Is all my life was destined for.

by Kevin East

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