TMC (1975 / Philippines)

To My Lover: A Quiet Longing

In inner places still and silent,
Grows a quiet longing
That causes my heart to go about
In restless soulful pacing.

Whisper it so to my lover’s ear…
I want to wrap myself around you, dear.
And to feel the weight of your one warm body
Press down oh so gently against me.

I want to run my hands through your soft curly hair
I want to taste your tender lips on mine,
And to know that our two hearts
Will forever be intertwined.

Your kisses are a fountain to my soul,
Each touch a healing balm.
Your soft and gentle voice a calming release
From daily dread and harm.

I want so much to be with you,
To lose and then to find
In your deep gaze myself—
Known, accepted and loved
In one long lasting embrace.

Then and only then
Will this pacing find its end.
Then and only then
Will I know that I am truly home.

Bowie, MD / April 16,2008 / 4: 30 PM

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A well crafted piece, well done Tricia. Shaun.