To My Mother 1890-1988

I was born to a beautiful lady,
Her beauty was of her soul.
It's an honor to be her number one baby
She lives in my heart and will never grow old.
When I was small, she said to me
"Some day I hope you have a child like that,
Who brings home to you every stray she sees"
Here comes my daughter and another cat!
It was a tough road that she trod,
But she always had time to help others.
She gave her best, lived close to God
Remembering we are all sisters and brothers.
No fault was too big for her to forgive
No one so bad that she didn't see some good.
She taught us to love, the right way to live
She inspired us to be the best we could.
Her beautiful soul went to her home above,
Loved ones waited for her there.
Leaving behind hearts filled with loss and love
Now she has everlasting joy, no more pain or care.

by Barbara Marie Mocke

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