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Ballads Of Four Seasons: Spring
(26 February 1913 – 27 October 1991 / Essex, England)

Ballads Of Four Seasons: Spring

The lovely Lo Fo of the western land
Plucks mulberry leaves by the waterside.
Across the green boughs stretches out her white hand;
In golden sunshine her rosy robe is dyed.
'my silkworms are hungry, I cannot stay.
Tarry not with your five-horse cab, I pray.'

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445 SW 57th Pl
Nice tribute to Mother
A fantastic tribute paid to the loveliest person on earth, that is mother. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Asia, so big it doesn't want to own up to Europe. Or Europe so petite it denies its rump?
hmmn....You Wrote it better.welldone
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