Your Worth

To live long and overcome, learn to control your
tongue, you get what you deserve after you
serve, to achieve more in life abhor pretence,
embrace patience, you can't be independent, if
you're not confident, your life is not for rent,
being violent doesn't connotes strength, know
your rival for your arrival is based on the driver,
what you've done, represents you when you're
gone, your legacy is the you people truly see,
always tell the truth, it yields good fruit, thinking
about the worst you'll forget your worth, always
be on alert, incase of any attack, never test the
depth of the sea with both feet, pride is a wrong
bride, a ride on a stormy tide, to be on a safe
side only you can decide, searching for a better
tomorrow, corruption isn't an option, victory is
not bought, a war must be fought, 'after life
battle is fought what will be your
worth? '...


by Benjamin Wiche

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Wow, so nice. i love it
I hope his wife follows the same logic. This is how love is extended and appreciated.
@L J i believed there is three concept to put into account here: 1. My mother- my own mother, who died early- this is to say persona lost his mother and someone else took care of him. But, who? but you Are mother to the one I loved so dearly his grandma. Then what? By that infinity with which my wife Was dearer to my soul than its soul-life After leaving his grandma he married a mother of his children; I mean a wife. In short he his expressing his appreciation to MOTHERS for taking care of him and the love they have for male Species.
I agree David and truly to love your spouse then you must love your spouses mother as much, to know the child is to know the mother and to love the child is to love the mother.. a most fabulous write
I have to be honest... I don't really understand this poem. Can someone explain to me what he's saying?
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