To My Only Love

I burn to thee the tapers of my heart,
For we are destined not to be apart.
When golden sun no longer warms the earth,
When only tears abound and there's no mirth,
When mountains fall and let a terrible scar,
When fluffy clouds no longer float afar,
When winds just stop blowing across the plain,
When earth is parched with no redeeming rain,
When lofty forests wither and decay,
When lush green meadows turn to ashes gray,
When savage seas become a crust of salt,
And when the mighty waterfalls all halt,
When eyes are blind and can no longer see,
On the altar of life with thee I'll be.
We'll be together, we won't have to pine,
Our hearts will then entwine, just yours and mine.
The fiery spark which flamed so long ago,
Will be but dying embers still aglow.

by Mae Morrison

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