MJM ( / Port Morien, Nova Scotia, Canada)

"To My Son"

I wish you could be with us when we wake and go to sleep,
That we could reach out and touch you and your love we could
always keep.

But destiny has changed this, God has taken you away,
Still in our thoughts and memories, with us you'll
always stay.

The moments we share together, we have only to close our eyes,
And one by one we re-live them again they can't be erased by
You are with God now - There's no sorrow or strife,
God needed you for his "kingdom of heaven," so he drew you
from the "Garden of Life"

Our life here is only transient, we are only passing through
So in the time that we have left let's not forget to do what we
must do -

To help each other in times of need, to put aside our thoughts
of greed,
Let's not be bitter and full of hate, help to ease the other's pain,
please don't hesitate.

And now let's honor Kenny, that he was such a beautiful
That God admired and loved so much for His Heavenly Garden he chose.

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