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To My Son (Before Getting Married)

To my son that is getting married
Reflect! Before over the threshold your wife is carried,
Remember the vows that you are willing to make
And all the responsibilities that a wedded man must take.
Love your wife, as she alone you must always cherish
Without each other, the soul will mourn and perish,
And always remember before your own hunger and thirst
That you now have a wife, so she must always come first.
GOD must be allowed in, when you take yourself a spouse
He will sanctify your marriage and also your house,
Live in happiness and in love until the end of your days
Then the Angels will sing to you of their joy and praise.
Before you have any worries, or any marital strife
Remember of love, and that your mate is your wife,
'Love', 'Trust' and 'GOD', must be in your wedding plan
As spoke to you by your father, the lonely single man.

Randy L. McClave

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