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To My Soul Mate..........

I live that life…alone…with despair
I start to think…nothing is so fair

But when I remember you..
I smile and say WHOOH! !

Hope turns back in less than a minute
I'll take that struggle and win it!

You're so great to be described by words
You're the best…even compared to nerds

You're the one…you're the only one
I'm ready…you can shoot me by a gun

You're the light that brightens my way
I just look at your eyes and say…..

You're….not to be described
I can only hide….just hide

You're the flower that colors my dull night
You changed it all into WHITE

It's a dream… sweet
It's where we both meet

When I feel that you're here
I feel no fear…NO FEAR

My tomorrows need you here
So please stay near

Never leave me again please…I need you..I really do

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awesome poem......great to know that u have found the perfect've drown him with your words making him so perfect...may Allah keep u together