A Distant Omitted Memory Reawakened

The shadows dance across my window pane.
The trees towering vines seem to pout towards the ground.
The moon peeks its head out of the clouds above
And whispers of secrets locked away in my heart

The wind kisses my cheek and comforts my sorrow
The night time lullaby hushes my fears away
Then the twilight gives way to the waking suns rays
And I peek my head out from under my slumbering bed

So its morning again, another routine plays
The distant call of a forgotten part
Still plays a role in my head
Where did I put that piece of my soul?
Has the distance swallowed it up whole?

As I wander the days trying to remember
It’s right on the tip of my minds folder
Yet I can’t quite put my finger on it
The memory I so desperately seek to remember

Then a flicker of light sparks a thought in my head
And I start to comprehend the missing link
Oh that sweetness is what I have forgotten
The part of my soul I so deeply admired

So with a deep sigh I close my eyes
And take in a slow breath to collect myself
I reach into the depths of my being
And rip back the person I knew so well

This brain washing affair has been condemned
And now I can become the person I once was
With hopes and desires and a compassionate gesture
No more frowns and straight forward complexions

It feels so wonderful to have not forgotten
What it was that made me so special
And though I strayed far from my persona
At least the new days returned it to me
My sweet innocence and passion for life

-02-22-09- Kellyn Grau

by Kellyn, A Grau

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The version quoted above is the earliest version but not the best. The two I quoted below are better and later versions He improves the poem and replaces some of the out of date lines with something equally or more witty. The pity is that the version quoted above is the only one you can find on the internet. I have noticed that the internet is very incestuous, copying endlessly what one person posts and never looking further.
When Nash and Weill wrote One Touch of Venus this poem was revised and rewritten with several new lines and additional verses which are amusing. The limitation on characters in this comment do not permit me to quote it but here are a few gems: As a dachshund abhors revolving doors. and, As much as a lifeguard hates to swim, / Or a writer hates to read, / As Hays office frowns on low cut gowns, /That's how much you I need.
In his book Marriage Lines: notes of a student husband, The poem was revised to something better. The character limitations on this comment do not allow me to fully quote it but here is the rewritten last verse I love you more than a bronco bucks, Or a Yale man cheers the Blue. Ask not what is this thing called love; It's what I'm in with you.
Love and hatred are two diagonally opposite emotions.A lover who is in deep passion may go through these two emotions - - if faced with betrayal..
As the High Court loathes perjurious oaths.. Excellent conceptualization. Congrats on modern poem of the Day.
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