SA ( / Victoria, Canada)

To Myself

How do I know what I feel is true?
Every thought, vision, calling
makes me question,
How did I get to where I am now?
Who is it that’s inside me,
trying to break free!
Sending messages to my brain,
and praying one day she’ll be
who she is meant to be.

Parables of beauty,
conflicts her ideology.
What she believes as right,
are made to be false.
Beaten into her psyche,
beaten into her vocabulary.
She hopes for eternity
but her trials are infinite.

Could I know her,
how do I ask her,
what do I do for her,
when do I let her go.
Should I be thankful
I got to know,
because from her did I learn?
If so when,
If so what?

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I like how you so nicely put out there the many questions felt when you are in love. Sincerely, Mary