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To Myself
IMK (09-19-1982 / )

To Myself

Poem By IT'S ME K.S.Z

Inevitability ticks and tocks and does not stop
Does not slow down and does not speed up
It goes around and around like infamous thoughts.

Conviction is preprogrammed ideas of fear
Within the unknown the truth can be crystal clear
Our discerned reality is unambiguous if we open our eyes

Reality is an insightful perception of our lives
A predilection of who, what, where, when and why
Blueprints etched with in our predisposition minds

But, can it be said that we learn as we go?
Can it be said we really don’t fully know?
Belief is nothing more then knowledge at the core

To understand that we don’t understand at all
And to believe that a higher power will not let us fall
This profound wisdom will bring perfect contentment

The path you have chosen will bring you up and down
But in the end you will be found, for if you see with a naked eye
You chances of success will surely not pass you by

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Ah! So you are not ready to give up, just yet. I am so glad to hear it and yes your heart is a portal which you must open up to so many more endeavors than seeking romance. Then when romance does come along it will catch you unawares and find you ready. That is the secret to true love. So many young people chase what they imagine love to be before they are ready and end up crying over getting hurt. Witness the majority of “poems” on this site. Experience life first, shape the person you are, broaden your outlook, become someone worth loving. Read mine – Bloom of Youth – Adeline
You did well with this one, please stay safe and hurry home, Bill Simmons aka BillWilliamStar