If I Were A Color

If love were a color what would it be?

Red like the roses vibrant and dark,

Yellow like the suns rays

Warming you, as you jog through the park.

If love were a texture how would it feel?

Silky smooth and cool to the touch,

Maybe furry and warm,

Inviting, as such.

If love were a song how would it be sung?

Operatic or classical perhaps like the blues,

Country or rock

What tempo to chose?

If love were a game, every one playing,

Excepting that some must lose.

If love is an emotion

Used to measure how much we care

Who we allow in our own worlds

Together, our lives to share.

If love were a joke

The punch line would be,

Happily ever after

Is reserved, for you and me.

by vern eaker

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