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To No End
LH (21/7/95 / )

To No End

My Whole Life, I've Been Looking For An Endeavor
Some Goal, Some Objective That Would Keep Pushing Me Forward
It Took Many Years Of Hardship
Of Loneliness
Of Being Pushed Down
Of Solitude
But I Eventually Found It
The One Thing To Keep Me Going
Driving Me Forward To Achieve The Life I Wanted

It Made Me Forget All The Hardship I Had to Deal With
I Felt The Happiness I've Been Longing For
That I Could Do Anything And Be Proud Of What I Achieved

But As Life Always Goes
Good Things Eventually Come To An End

The One Thing That Gave My Life Meaning Had Disappeared
Evaporated From Existence
The Shock That Came To My Heart Was Astounding
Like All Meaning Was Gone

The Hardship Of Life Has Abused Me
Dragged Me Down
Made Me So I Can Barely Feel Anything Anymore
But It Wasn't Enough

The Sadness
The Emptiness
The Loneliness
The Solitude

Life Can Be A Cruel Mistress
But I Stand Tall
Nothing In This Life Can Make me Give Up
The Will To Continue To Achieve My Goals
To Continue Living The Life I've Been Given
Will Always Be Strong In Me

Because It's My Life To Mold And Shape
I Won't Give Up
Even If I Suffer More Hardships Along The Way
My Life Will Have Meaning
Even If I Have To Walk It Alone

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