To Not Know All

This I do know,
To not know all.
From experiences to have had.
On a path done to travel alone.
Giving priority to a listening to others.
With it done to get,
Unsolicited opinions.
From them not to ask.
Will put a limit to one's adventure.
And more doubts placed upon a path.
Leaving those and their opinions to make,
For one choosing to make attempts...
To have others pleased.
Until one's life,
Is no longer their own to live it.

This I do know.
To discover it best,
That a continuing to move on...
In a direction one has chosen,
For themselves.
Will open one's mind to find,
Much more about life.
Without limits to fear them.
And ears to close,
Upon those restricted...
To their own ignorance.
With it hoped to sell,
Fears they accept to know...
Well enough to repeat them.
And quick to share them heard to hear!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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