To Not Know (It Shows)

To not know how to obtain...
Sustain and maintain,
Professional relationships...
By one who commandeers,
The helm of a ship.
With follows convinced of it.
Nuts and bolts loosened,
Needing tightening and quick.
Go dangerously unnoticed.
By one who insists,
From top to bottom...
Everything runs,
As smooth as it gets.
Since what they've created,
Had been custom made...
Like a perfect glove that fits!
And this professed to confess,
Is kept believed.

Stormy weather arrives.
The ship begins to lilt.
And not buoyantly,
From side to side.
The commander who leads,
Begins to openly sighs.

Eventually proving publicly,
No experience is known.
Nor does the leader have a clue
That being deceiving,
Is more often than not...
Validates with evidence,
Lieing to others...
Is their preference used,
As a defense.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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