(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

To Not To Waste Life

Man to explore; woman to be explored.
The eagerness with which he explores her
Determines satisfactions that both get.
Strangeness between them plays a vital role.

Familiarity sets in due course,
With his eagerness to reach her drooping
And her thirst for sex lacks exploration.
This happens to all middle aged couples.

Dictated by the culture they are in,
They sublimate their sexual energies
In child rearing, works and entertainments.
Some fantasize to answer their libidos.

Eagerness existing in sexual acts
Ensures harmony in family life.
Monotony experienced in sex
Is reflected in the family bond.

Having started to separate sex off love,
Husband and wife mutually get privacy
And seek pleasure from contacts outside
Or swap their spouses with the connivance.

Each one is given life for only once.
Pleasure must be the pursuit of one’s life.
Sexual bliss is the greatest bliss of all.
Life must not be wasted; thus goes thinking.

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