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To Not Write An Essential Part Of Ourselves
TGC (16 November / Westport New Zealand)

To Not Write An Essential Part Of Ourselves

dissatisfaction with how little one has achieved
may produce sharp urges to produce achieve
minds insight driven by internal expression need

to not write an essential part of ourselves
is to fail an essential need in our life purpose
to fail to express line sweet unique thought

individualistic within our strung souls
which should thus be sung upon the winds
of time in poems, essays, short stories,

novels, which are born upon swift rivers
of time to echo intriguing questions
into the soul of demanding curiosities

need and knowledge's required
instinctive understanding impels
tuned souls to reflect rhythms

spirit of age lived in a momentous
revelation insight in grains of sand
released through fingers onto winds

blowing echo chime thoughts
into receptive porous melting minds
awaiting candle lit illuminations

such minds will mute die of non-expressions
a new diagnosis in ancient self discoveries
timeless echoes forth ageless dawn ceremonies

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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we are driven by an unseen hand!