To Objectify As A Way Of Life

What the younger generation,
Has been taught to believe as reality...
To objectify as a way of life to live,
With prioritized values to choose...
From dawn to dusk everyday and night.
To see reflected and validated in their sight,
Can not be corrected with it to expect...
Those lessons they have learned to accept,
Although effective but now told are incorrect...
Has left the ones who taught them well,
Disbelieving to deny, deceive and with lies...
As to who taught 'what' with this objectified.

From words heard sitting on neighborhood stoops.
Or from routines to follow with limits to induce.
Hoping to produce from church pews resolutions,
For excuses people in positions to teach have made...
But can not face the truth,
That the younger generation...
Is a creation of their own inflicted indignations.
And a negligence they have condoned to permit.
Gessshhh. Okay. Next case?
And let's not make these petty issues last all day.

'The People Versus The Truth.'

Oh, Father God...
Where For Art Thou?
I hope this doesn't take forever.

'Your Honor? '

Yes? What is it now?

'The people have requested,
Someone other than GOD to judge them.
And also...
They wish to defend themselves.
Since they know which lives they want,
And believe is best for them to live.'

I'm outta here.
God is so GOOD.

'All the time.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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From dawn to dusk! People versus the truth. But, how many of us are really ready for the truth? Nice work.