BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

To Old To Be A Rebel

“Your to old to be a rebel,
your marching days are gone
let someone younger do it this time
your protesting days are done
and I can’t blame her really
all my battles should be won.
yet something in me won’t let go
whilst the war’s still going on

I’ll be to old to be a rebel
when I’m to old to breathe,
and to old to see inequities,
or to old to see men bleed,
shed tears for children starving
and not try to ease their need
To old to raise an angry voice
Against prejudice and greed.

I’d be to old to feel injustice
and my heart to know the pain
or to see the growth of poverty
and my soul not burn with shame.
To old to shout in protest
as many innocents are slain
To old to strive for what is right
with hand and heart and brain

I understand your reluctance
To risk this life of ease.
But the rebel in me can’t just watch
People driven to their knees.
I hope and pray that this won’t change
Til my soul finds it’s release
And when I’m to old to be a rebel
I’ll face eternity, at peace

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I enjoyed the tension of your poem...excellent!
I think your poem is excellent...I like the metre and most importantly i think it has a great message. Good job