To One Of Our Finest

To a guy named Michael, who wears a badge and gun,
He makes his living riding in a county car for fun,

Protecting the innocent and arresting the thugs,
Especially those who break the law for using drugs.

Well organized and secure in the law enforcement field,
He's honest and trusting, so beware criminals: No deals!

To the county jail you'll go, if a bad deed you've done,
It's a place of punishment, where you'll have no fun.

So courageous and brave, this man does his duty,
In his uniform of tan, he's rated quite a cutie.

We appreciate you Michael, for coming on this day,
For bringing us knowledge, of the Law and Order way.

A man of many talents, with the highest principles, too.
We salute you Deputy Ferguson, for what you do.

by Carol A. Garcia

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