To Own Alone

Too many ungrateful people.
Have chosen to live their 'lies'.
Despising others they deny sacrificed.
To enable them to live lives now,
Some will never know about.
Since the ones who lie have done this well.

Too many thankless.
Have begun to face truth they can not erase.
Since truth once it surfaces,
Chases lies told to tell.
And swiftly those lies seem to evaporate.
Right before the eyes of the liar.

Decisions to make to have others demeaned.
With dreams to do this and decide it done.
Returns to that one an unexpected payback.
Coming to feel.
Yet unseen to prepare for its visit.
Leaving those ungrateful who choose to demean.
Unable to reverse a high tide that flows.
To flood their minds with memories,
Of unwarranted evils upon others exposed.
Returning to haunt.
As if to taunt those of misdeeds.
With a disrespect to show.
Undaunted as payback bestows.
To own alone as if owed to those,
Unable to run from their evils done.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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