To Pee And Review

On the surface,
We are close!
Friends mostly,
Out of necessity!
And for years...
It has been like this.
Our different points of views were missed!
Adrift in the air somewhere!

Out of necessity.
Out of necessity.
Nudging each other to prejudge another!
Out of necessity!

And today our depths of thought,
Are on levels distant from seeing eye to eye.
Remember when we tried that...?
And I made you cry because 'you' asked for honesty?
And I didn't lie,
I was always me!
Believing we had each other's back!
And when you did that,
I was caught off track.
In fact...
I knew then we were in separate 'stations'
Traveling in the same direction,
But on different schedules!

We didn't allow each other a 'pitstop'!
To check things out!
'To pee and review'!
Getting real with our findings.
To return to discuss them with each other!

'Can we do that now? '

Where should we start?
We can either begin this ride together...again!
But this time,
Let's not take the scenic route!
That way didn't do anything for either one of us!
A memorable 'trip' requires the kind of adventure,
We obviously didn't share!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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