To Pick A Fight

No matter how fresh,
Something new introduced...
Gets to feel with it to get,
Keeping it real from Sunrise to Sunset...
To expect it kept is going to take,
One who has a creative imagination.

'Yesterday you couldn't say enough,
About how beautiful the day was.
And even though it was raining,
You were skipping down the street.
To not complain at all.
Today the Sun is shining bright,
Without a cloud in the sky.
And you look as if,
With me you want to pick a fight.
Wassup? '

~Today I remember what you said to me,
A few months ago.~

'What did I say to you a few months ago? '

Go ahead and pretend.
But I'm not going to forget.~

'Forget what? '

~Don't worry about it.
If it was important to you,
You would remember.~


That's easy for you to say, isn't it? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I love it! I know that feeling.... :)