To Produce A Better Nation

How have those,
Who pursued a higher education...
Used what they've been taught,
To produce a better nation.
Done to reflect,
A quality of life everyone respects.
Where is this expected to accept.

People seem to wish,
For a higher education to get 'things'.
And a good job to feed,
An unnecessary greed.
To participate in a material wasting.
That collects a trash,
The homeless and hungry...
Neither can use nor find this a need.

What is it that having,
A higher education leaves?
With thousands to have earned college degrees.
Seeking to impress.
But where is this impression left?
When a quality of life,
Seems less to prioritize.
Than addressing what one has.
Where they live and drive.
And who they know who also show,
A caring less who is suppressed.
Or how best they can deceive,
Over tea while pouring from their mouths...
Lies to tell.
As a quality of life,
Continues to dwell in gutters to smell.
From a lack of concern,
Those who have done it...
Perceived they have earned to do.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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